At One Child Matters centers around the world, you’ll see children engaged in a variety of activities that develop their faith: memorizing scripture verses, listening to Bible stories, playing Bible-based games, praying and worshiping together, and reading God’s Word.

Our centers are havens of unconditional love and acceptance, where children learn about God’s love and His gift of salvation through Christ. Staff are caring Christian adults who take the time to mentor children and lovingly guide each one in their individual spiritual journey.

Your Financial Support

The very fact that you have stepped forward to sponsor your child is a tangible expression of God’s great love and care for them! Your faithful support reinforces in their heart that God values them, wants them to achieve their potential—and has a wonderful plan for their future. Thank you for changing the world for your sponsored child and showing them how much they matter to God!

Your Prayers

Be assured, your faithful prayers are an important influence in your child’s life! God works through your prayers, empowering your child to overcome the daunting obstacles in their life.

Your Letters

Your letters, cards, and notes reinforce how much you love and believe in your sponsored child. The letters you write are an excellent opportunity to share Christ with them, too. Sharing a favorite Bible verse or story, or writing about how God is working in your life encourages their faith and hope in Christ.

What can you do today?


Share the joy of sponsorship with someone today, and tell them how they, too, can change a child’s life through sponsorship. And if you're using social media, don't forget to follow us and tag #onechildmatters on your posts so we can share with you.


If your child is from a non-Christian background, pray that they will come to know the truth about Christ and His gift of salvation as they attend their One Child Matters center. Download the prayer guide below to help remind you to pray for your child every day.

Download Prayer Guide

Write a Letter and Share
the Love of Christ with Your Child!

Write a letter to your child and you can provide a reminder of how much they are loved by you and by Christ. It will make a lasting impression on your child’s heart! Login to My Account and write to your child right here on our website. (Note: For sponsored children living in countries hostile to Christianity, you want to be able to share Christ’s love without endangering your child. One Child Matters has a special set of letter-writing guidelines as well as fun writing tips that will help you with your letters!)

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Your Sponsorship Cultivates

Spiritual Champions

Your financial support, prayers, and letters bring the love of Christ into your child’s life in a powerful way. Every year, more than one thousand young people graduate from our program. Through their sponsorship experience, they have each been introduced to Christ and His plan to make a difference in their families, communities, and nations through them.

Through your sponsorship your child is learning that...

God loves them and wants to have a personal relationship with them.

God created them for a reason and has a purpose for their life.

They can have a meaningful life now and eternal life through faith in Christ!